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the roar of the crowd rings in our ears as great leaders show great players what it takes to be a champion. One league would again represent the best, attracting the finest players from the international stage. And for all too brief a time. Battle of Quebec was a rivalry unmatched. Get it The most Northern team in this Northern Game began their eyes inspired by confidence on, led by greatness, a boy from Bradford brought a new perspective to the game with skill artistry has never seen before. And although great careers will end, young boys and girls still take to the ice, dreaming of taking the path to greatness of one day becoming elections of hockey On a lonely stretch of Oregon coast, a blustery dawn reveals the seas. Latest casualty. New Carisa A 639 foot cargo ship has run aground in a violent storm that hit the Pacific Northwest during the night. Within hours, plans are underway to refloat the vessel of the next high tide, but the new Carisa is carrying a potentially deadly cargo, 400,000 gallons of fuel oil