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A warm, sensitive, educated, and authoritative narrative voice, the ability to pronounce French and German, (that I worked on a project with Ralph Feinnes,) that I connect intimately with words and meaning, and yes, that I can be sexy, mean, technical.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Alex H. Was a shy German princess named Alex Victoria. Helena Louise Beatrice von Hesse Darmstadt but known to her family as Sonny the thief Lord gives us quiet, luminous joy. At 10 my Alex was consecrated on DSO. Within 24 hours, Nicholas became Czar Nicholas the second, and Alex became officially his intended. You're going to be important to our success because to the customer you deal with you are the Bank of Virginia on island, where storm battered headlands jut out into the open sea. Craggy cliffs are dappled green and brown by liken. Rocks are bearded in deep shades of moss, and they're losing a lot of procedural information when any of their planners leaves the company because it's all in their heads and not in a database. Among them magnetic resonance imagers Marie computerized axial Thoma graphs, cat or C T scans. Positron emission Thoma graphs. PET scans ultrasound. On August 20th, 1941 French police surrounded the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The 11th was the center of the emerging Jewish resistance against the German occupying forces led by young communists. The resistance organized demonstrations and printed anti Nazi leaflets. We're proud to be part of your life. Set your loveliest table with Safeways. Exclusive Golden Harvest Ironstone dinnerware. A special value. It looks expensive, but each featured place setting item is just your deductible, sir. $200 or two major illnesses, whichever comes first. Read your policy, sir. Next. Oh, we're going to be going everywhere together. Just wait till the girl see you. But they can't have you because you're oh, mine.