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A sample of a meditation reading, meant to be listened to by one wanting to meditate to assist with insomnia

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try to use the first five minutes of this exercise to find yourself a comfortable position from which you can conduct the meditation keep in mind that unlike other forms of meditation, insomnia, meditation cannot be undertaken in a seated position, meaning that you will want to find yourself a comfortable bed or location from which you can continue. Strong. Bright lights are considered inadvisable and should be turned off for the best results. You are now ready to start your meditative guide, Breathe deeply three times in, purge your body of stress as you breathe in each time. Hold your breath to the count of four and release slowly breathe in release, breathe in release, breathe in, release. Your objective today is to teach yourself how to fall asleep and to relax over time you may have forgotten how to fall asleep in how to release the stronghold you have on your unconsciousness so that you can allow your mind to recharge. Start by asking yourself why you are having such a difficult time falling asleep. Is there a specific thought that is worrying you? Is there a prospective outcome that you are nervous about? Whatever is keeping your mind engaged? I want you to take a minute and truly focus on it. Ask yourself if there is anything for you to do Now, at this moment, breathe in release. You'll notice that although there is nothing to do at this moment, your consciousness is finding it difficult to release this particular thought empty your minds eye and open a blank sheet of paper mentally type up the problems and fears you have which are continually breaking through your consciousness. Here you are downloading your worries and your concerns so that they are no longer grasping onto your mind. Once you are done, close the document and refresh your mind, you are clear. You are unburdened, You are light. Your thoughts and worries are there and will remain there for you to return to tomorrow. For now you are meant to focus only on your consciousness. Breathe in release, breathe in release, breathe in release. Today. You choose to be unburdened and in turn, you feel that choice free you of the heavy weight that is upon your shoulders. Remember that today, you are free. You are not tied down and you are not chained. Feel relaxation sink deeper into your bones and radiate from your spine and your ribs down to your toes. Every part of your body is releasing energy. And as you slowly continue to release it, you are allowing the comfortable cradle of sleep to rock you into a melodic lull, repeat the following with your soul. Today, I choose to relax. My goal today is to release the tension from my body and to free myself from all forms of awareness. Breathe deeply to the count of four and as you breathe out, allow the weight of your consciousness to lower your eyelids