Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healy



A clear articulated, soleful read. A Harrowing, touching and hugely memorable story. \"Maggie O'Farrell meets Gone Girl...a gripping detective yarn, poignant and darkly comic.\"

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (England - South East - Oxford, Sussex) British (General)


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a bang somewhere in the house makes my eyes skitter. Across the sitting room, there's an animal, an animal for wearing outside, lying over the arm of the city. It's Carlos. She never hangs it up. Worried she'll forget it. I expect I can't help staring at it. Sure, it will move, Scurry away to the corner or eat me up and take my place. And Katie will have to remark on its big eyes. And it's big teeth. All these tens of peaches, Carla shouts from the kitchen. Carla the carer, carers what they call them. You must stop buying food, she calls again. I can hear the scrape of the tins against my Formica worked up. You have enough for an army Enough food You can never have enough. Most of it seems to go missing anyway and can't be found even after I've bought it. I don't know who's eating it all. My daughter's the same. No more cans, Mum, she says, going through my cupboards at every opportunity. I think she must be feeding someone half the stuff, disappears home with her, and then she wonders why I need to go shopping again anyway. It's not like I have many treats left in the world. It's not like I have many treats left, I say, pushing myself higher in my seat to make my voice Carrie to the kitchen. Twists of shiny chocolate wrappers are wedged down the sides of the chair. They squirm against the cushions, and I flicked them away. My husband, Patrick, used to tell me off for eating sweets. I ate them at home a lot. It was nice to be able to have a share, but lemon or a caramel cup when I wanted, as we weren't allowed to have them.