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When viewed through the lens of human geography, there's so much more to explore. We start by thinking spatially, where did the coffee beans from this cup of coffee come from? In this case Ethiopia. The coffee lid was made in Mexico and the company's logo was designed in Chicago. These three places are now interconnected through the economy of coffee. The California Gold rush of 18 48 sparked a rush of people to the West Coast, all hoping to find gold. When the transcontinental railroad opened in 18 69 people could travel much more easily from east to west. Cowboys set up ranches, People set up temporary camps which grew into frontier towns. The mixture should be dry and powdery at this point now at exactly six tablespoons of ice water just until moist clumps form. You know a great way to test if you've added enough water is press some of the dough between your fingers. It should stick together once your dough has been properly mixed. Transfer your dough onto a clean work surface and pull it together with your hands when it comes to a healthy diet. One size does not fit. All proper nutrition is key to staying healthy and increasing your quality of life. Poor nutrition weakens our immune systems and leaves us vulnerable to infections. It can also lead to nutrition related diseases and conditions such as malnutrition, psycho, pina and osteoporosis malnutrition is a consequence of not getting the right nutrients and calories and becomes more common with age. Hey kids, my name is howard E Haley. Today we're going on an adventure through the Wild, Wild West saddle up and tap the next button to get started.