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I did all of the voices for this skit. The skit was featured on my latest rap album. I had gotten a bad review by a local music magazine, so I created this skit as a jab back at them. The skit is about 2 music writers from there magazine who got a call that there was gonna be a fresh new indie atmospherical experimental grunge band playing a gig and that they should go check out the show and write a review, but little did they know, there was no show and no band, I was waiting in the dark to give them the scare of there lives. The first character is a deep voiced narrator introducing the scene, the next character is Sky, a massive stoner who writes local band reviews. The other character who is his friend is man, he is a geeky skinny stoner who also writes reviews for the magazine. The last character is me, I play a scary voiced, "Saw-like" character who is explaining why they are there, as payback for them writing there bad review on the Loc Saint Album, then once I unveil myself I go into my normal voice and let them know it was me all along, and that this was all a lesson for them to learn about what they write, before they write lies in there magazine.

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