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it's important to have the right health coverage in your life, especially now that you're seeing a doctor a little more than you used Teoh. That's why you should switch to a life wise health plan of Washington. Our plans air made for health conscious people who want a more simple, straight forward way to get the care they need. You get the freedom to choose from a quality network of local doctors and hospitals. You'll enjoy lower costs when you stay within that network, you get two free doctor visits with most plans preventive exams, screenings and immunizations at no cost, plus low copays for doctor visits, specialists and urgent care. A life wise plan offers more value because you get coverage for the things you need and you're not spending money on coverage you don't need Call now and ask about life wise plans with Low Doctor Co. Pays no cost preventive exams and more. You may even qualify for a subsidy. To help lower your monthly costs, call 1 805 551212 to enroll. That's 1 805 551212