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I host Growing Up Immigrant, a podcast where a group of multicultural friends share stories that all kids of immigrants can relate to.

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Mhm Hi, I'm lucy this is growing up immigrant, a podcast about well growing up immigrant. I grew up with immigrant parents in Toronto and so do Most of my friends were a group of multicultural friends who grew up in a city where almost half the population is foreign born. Throughout the years, we've noticed the delightful differences and surprising similarities between our various cultures. We wanted to start a podcast to hear from diverse voices, create understanding and highlight the immigrant perspective. Each episode we discuss a different topic through the lens of our respective cultures such as ethnic foods and how each of us had that moment in school where we felt embarrassed by our lunch, the importance of education and how your cousin got into the gifted program. And you didn't superstitions like how everyone has that one superstitious auntie who has to check the calendar before doing anything. You know who we're talking about in our conversations together. We tell stories that all kids of immigrants can relate to join us. As we explore how growing up immigrant has become a part of our identity and how your asian upbringing might really to your friends, experience growing up Jamaican. While we all come from different backgrounds. You might be surprised to discover just how similar we all are growing up immigrant is coming soon. Subscribe on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Yeah.