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An E-Learning demo reel showacsing a variety of reads. Includes traditional corporate, child focused and technical medical material reads.

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with our recent office closure and permanent transition to home working for all employees, it's important that you were able to confidently use our suite of remote working applications. This module will begin by introducing you to Zoom. Zoom enables you to connect with people over the Internet. Let's start by getting you set up when you're ready to begin, click the next arrow below. So that should time up for this section. See, I told you it wouldn't be that bad. Now let's see how you did. It looks like you answered all the questions correctly. Look at you, smarty pants. Calcium channel blockers are a group of medications that use several different mechanisms to disrupt the flow of calcium through calcium channels. They are widely used as anti hypertensive and in heart failure, and also have uses as anti arrhythmic and in stable angina. They can be divided into cardio selective, such as, um, Low dippin for rapper Mill and follow Dippin and non cardio selective, such as Dell tiresome and nifedipine. The cardio selective agents have greater effect on peripheral smooth muscle and less effect on the myocardial and thus avoid the negative in a tropic effects of non selective agents. Jake loves playing with his trains. This one is his favorite. He has five trains in his toy box. Can you see how many green trains Jake has? How many did you see? Shall we count them together? There's one and there's two. Jake has to green trains.