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you're a firm believer and just have it your way. Alright, well let's just listen in on some of the things you do. Hey, you know what I'd do anything for my kids. You know what I'm saying? Because I love my kids. I just want my kids to know that I love them and I got their back no matter what. You know what I'm saying because that means I just can't say no. You know what I'm saying? I just can't say no. I can't say wait because see, I love my kids. You know, I go into debt for my kids. I'm just thinking I just go into debt and minor on relationships. All right. We'll take it away. Art. I mean Arthur don't call me that. There's no room in my life. A laughter nicknames, stuff like that. My kids fear me. That's what I crave my way or the highway. I say get in where you fit in, be seen and not heard and you better be looking right. Alright. What share with us? What's on your heart a alright. It go like this. I'm here for my kid. 110%. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, yeah. See see see I'm responsible and I sacrificed my time for my kids and we'll be going down is, you know, people, you know, men in my zip code, they give us a bad rap. You know what I'm saying? But I'm not one of them cats. I'm not, I take care of my kids. Look, I go, I go to work every day. I provide for my Children. I take them to school. You know what I'm saying? I make sure they're fed, I make sure they get their bad, did you say providing leaders? Yes, Yes sir, come on right up. Oh thank you. Thank you. Hello there, little girl. Yes. Well I am providing peter and I am controlled by more is coat than toad. Oh, okay, well, providing peter. Why don't you just kind of share with us? What's on your heart? Well, you know, I just believe that kids need to know their parents just really because how in the Oh I forgot this is a christian thing, isn't it? Okay, well how in the tar nations can Children really love their parents if they don't know their parents? And I mean just not my name. They need to know. Let's go for our last negative parenting style. Uninvolved Ulises I know right Ulises Ulises Ulises. Is he on his cellphone? Lord Ulises? Oh, I'm so sorry, I just wasn't paying attention. Well, I am not see that. Okay, well come on up here. Yeah, come on, come on. Okay. Uninvolved Ulises. It looks like you are controlled by the filling of hating to be distracted. You specialize in working extra hours rather than coming home to parent you wear the badge that your kids like their mother more. Okay, well let's listen in dad, Daddy, can you come to my practice? Well if there's nothing else better to do. Maybe Ulises Can you leave your man cave for 10 minutes to come and eat with us. I like it down here you listen. I'm so glad we went to church today. Can you tell the kids what you learned in church today? I was not. I didn't hear where he's at. Chapter two. The message. As the music died down and the congregation settled into their seats, pastor slowly put on his reading glasses, opened up his bible and unfolded his notes. He quoted his favorite scripture. My brothers and sisters John 15 and five says I am the vine. You are the branches, the one who remains in me and I in him bears much fruit for a part for me. You can't do nothing. He always emphasized the word. Nothing. He then read Matthew 13 three through nine he said. A farmer went out to plant his seed. He scattered the seed on the ground, so fell on the path. Birds came and ate it up some seeds