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Performed and Written-Lynette Houston Produced-Jim Schrader Sky Recording

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US South)


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my husband and I have retirement plans. We have money set aside. We have enough life insurance. But is that enough to make our golden years golden. Okay so we were taking the final exam and he comes over to my seat and he was like, what's that in your hand, MS cooper. And I was like uh it's my pencil. Duh. Listen honey, when you take one bite of that crispy, juicy southern style fried chicken. Mm chow. I know you'll be back, tired of the stress, the drama, the games. Then let me tell you about a place with a laid back, feel a relaxed space, a no more drama attitude where you can do your thing when you're behind the wheel and taking control of this new luxury sedan. You're not just driving style and class. You're driving the american dream. Hey y'all wanna know what I like best about Tennessee. Tennessee has great food, great outdoor recreation and the greatest music this side of the Mississippi. So stop on by and see what's to see in Tennessee research shows that six out of 10 Children are not properly nourished during long hours of information saturation and intense focusing feed your child nutritious food before school and help ensure your child has what it takes. Mp three S, video games, texting even a new language for all this modern technology. Seriously. I'm lost half the time trying to keep up and be hip is a full time job