A story sample from the book DRACULA by Bram Stoker

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I decided to use my voice to read a sample from a book, then i edited the voice clip to make it more enjoyable to listen to! I want the listener to be engaged with the story!

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a great back came flapping into the room. It drove the weird woman away. Barren fields fell down, fainting from fright. In an instant, the fat disappeared. In its place was a smiling figure of Count Dracula. It was ready to claim his victim, once beaten by the vampire Renfield became Dracula. Save the evil count. Wanted to go to England. Coffins filled the Transylvanian earth, were taken to a ship and loaded on board. One of the coffins contain something as well as dirt. Renfield guarded it. Well. When the ship landed in England, horrified people. The dog found the entire crew was dead. All there and fields now raving madman was left alive.