Eek there's a mouse in thr house!

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This is a childs story book in which I wanted to make come alive, for a childs imagination! I enjoyed reading and creating something this audio because I envisioned the smiles and laughs from children who would be fascinated to just listen to this!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Hi. We'll be reading Peak. There's a mouse in the house by Wang Herbert E. There's a mouse in the house sending the cat to chase that rat o the cat knocked over the lamp, sending the dog to chase that scamp. Dear me, The dog is broken A dish And now the cat is after the fish sending the hog to shoot that dog. Oh my! The hog is eating the cake. Sending the hog was a big mistake. Send in the cow sending the cow now. Oh, no. The cow is dancing with a mop sending the shape to make her stop. Goodness, The sheep is tangled in Yorn sending the head from the barn Mercy the hens laying eggs on the table Sending the horse from the stable Kevin's The horse kicked a hole in the wall, sending the elephant to get rid of them all. The elephant was big, but he squeezed to the door. Once he was in, there was room for no more. Out of the house march the cat and the cow. Out came the horse in the head and the hog out. Walk the sheep out ran the dog. But then from within there came a shout peak. There's a mouse in the house