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Affable, Authentic, and Friendly

Voice Over • Television Ad


Approachable and non-salesey

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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When you're thinking Arby's, you can't think about anything else like Arby's classic market breast sandwiches, the ultimate B L T. With thick cut pepper bacon or the chicken salad sandwich served on fresh honey wheat bread. You can try and find something more refreshing, or you can grab the only beer with a taste. It's cold as the Rockies because refreshment isn't everything. It's the only frost brewed Coors Light. That's the sound of a true American classic. Satisfying a guy's taste for big, bold flavor with a time honored blend of the finest natural ingredients that goes perfectly with anything you throw on the grill. Netflix Movies in the mail Fast plus movies on your PC instantly. Five movies for five bucks. Protect your family with new raid disposable yellow jacket trap. It kills yellowjackets dead. SC Johnson. A family company. This must be heaven. I'm thinking free tickets to the stars. Game three of my best buddies. I even call up Puck during the pregame warm up when the finest ingredients in the world come together and still light is there live tastefully. Let's face it, auto repair is not the most popular experience in the world it ranks right up there with root canals and bamboo slippers under the fingernails. And for good reason, you gotta have some chili. They went to a lot of trouble. You gotta have the tacos probies from salad. They went to a lot of trouble. Now your stomach showing you what trouble really is, the more things change. One thing stays the same. Ranger hardest working, smoothest, arriving again.