Documentary--Good Friday



Jesus in the Garden

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It started in the garden, not in the morning sun with birds singing and the flowers showing off their splendor, but in the dark Jesus in anguish, praying to his father in heaven hoping there was any other way to accomplish God's mission. His father was sleeping, Jesus, all the Lord, the dirt below turned into mud from the tears falling from the sun of God's face. His prayers interrupted by a far away noise, an eerie glow in the distance casting long dark shadows from those coming to a rest. The one claiming to be the messiah as the crowd draws near Jesus stands to greet them. One of the followers draws a sword slicing the ear of a man. Jesus cries out no more of this and fuses the ear back in place with a healing hand. The gratitude shown for this miracle to bind those healing hands. The same hands that heal the blind, wiped away tears and held the hand of a white sleeping girl. The son of man lay it away like a criminal, spit upon ma and shoved alone to face the jealous religious leaders who have planned for this day. Be twist the words of Jesus, anything to find him guilty, using their power and position these men force him to his death. Jesus remains silent before he accuses knowing his purpose is to bring life face to face our human king ruling Judea verses a God king ruling heaven, one king in it for power, glory and show the other for grace, love and forgiveness, pleading to be entertained by this miracle worker from Galilee. Jesus only hearing the voice of his father remaining silent before he accuses a crown made of pure gold, done with jewels and precious stones made for a human king. The king of the Jews whose head was beaten and bloody prepared for a crown of thorns. A king led in a processional to be seated on the royal throne, tried to wash the guilt from his hands as this king is led away. Hopefully to never be seen again.