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whiskey. It's tantamount to liquid gold, and nothing is more important than the caskets aged in without the cask itself. Whiskey just isn't whisky failed from Mighty Oaks Cask Tim, but has dried seasoned matured on DH Cooper before being toasted to caramelise and enrich the flavour, then fill to the incorrect volume or overfilled so spirit spells on the floor. Some whiskey traditions are priceless. Others are coarsely the inconsistent size and volume of traditional wooden casks, combined with traditional felling methods. As men, they're unbelievably, most casks, still unfilled consistently order overfilled on issue, costing whisky distilleries millions each year. Not filling to the correct capacity is just the way things are and that go us thinking. Working with partners across the industry, we've deliver the game changing solution on innovation that fills casks, whatever the shape and size to desire of capacity. Every time the solution was developed. Using a highly accurate seaman's digital twin, the most effective way to ensure the physical asset is fit for purpose. Unable to deliver the return on investment that customers need simulating, the filling process provided key production measures shortened the innovation cycle on DH sped up build now and use. Their cyber physical system provides real time Phil monitoring, meaning no one drop of spirit is wasted through under Phil or overfill. The operator lowers the filling lands into the cask, where a seaman's radar system built into the filling head takes real time measurements to fill accurately Andi evenly semen. Somatic PCs seven Process control system on DH instrumentation built into the hardware and she was a consistent cask. Phil. Every time Mork asks, are filled more accurately on DH efficiently achieving at least a 99% repeatable fill volume and 40 seconds by connecting the hardware assets to Seamans Mind Sphere. Live data from the filling solution becomes available, allowing for ongoing optimisation on DH performance. Analysis on this can be integrated with cask. Take software so you can report on your casks. History A B V on DH manager Filling records. This solution can be scaled. Onda adapted to meet specific site requirements, costing nor more than a traditional felling system but delivering measurable return on investment. Some whiskey traditions are priceless and we want to keep it that way, helping you to deliver an exceptional product on DH maximising profitability without compromise.