Speaks English & Italian, wide range of characters.

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This sampel shows an engaging and wide range of characters that Maria can bring to life in your project.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Italian (American) North American (General) Russian


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Oh darn look at that. He's sleeping I guess. Maybe we should come back later. Huh? You know what they say? Never wake a sleeping monster. Hey, you can't get away from my garden no more. I'm calling the cops. This is for the car. I'll be with you in a minute note. Just operation ng up my caesar stick. Well it seems pretty obvious to me the molecular structure of the ship will simply disintegrate. The minute we leave sector seven, Way Back From Leave 57. Alright, alright, you bozos make it quick. You got about two minutes before I kick you out of the curve. Oh we have to celebrate your birthday. I haven't seen you in agent now peel yourself away from that computer. I'm taking you to dinner girl. You told that up. Let me tell you. It feels now. Step aside and let mama show you how it's done. On a long inhale, breathe in the positive energy from mother nature and on the exhale let go of the filthy rotten that dwells within. Oh sorry. Oh boy. Oh boy. This is gonna be so wheat. We got all the food we can eat and all the time in the world to eat it. Yeah.