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Hi I'm Emily I'm here to talk to you about this thing called information lifecycle governance or I LG or how to organize project records without driving yourself up a wall over the next few minutes, I'm going to be walking you through a project's data life cycle to show you when and where and why you'll be using I. L. G. Managing your H. S. A. Is very simple. Once you enroll in the C. D. H. P. You'll receive a welcome kit with everything you need, use your H. S. A. Debit card to pay for eligible expenses and use online tools to keep track of your balance and claims. Of course like any bank account, the money has to be in your H. S. A. Before you can spend it. Now that you know all about Cp I home, it's time to learn to share the value it offers with customers. In this course you'll encounter multiple customers that present a sales opportunity for Cp I home. It's your job to resolve the customer's immediate needs, Ask the right questions to discover hidden needs and recommend a personalized solution. Thank you for joining the final installment of the Fresenius HealthPartners, esco learning modules in module. Before we will learn more about the esko quality measures and their impact on shared savings. How do you use your tennis racket? Is it a tool or a weight that you swing? That's the concept behind this lesson? Most recreational players UNknowingly use their racket as a tool where as skilled players use it much more as a weight, click the next button and we'll explore the differences.