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A three (3) plus minute audio about the different types of intelligence for a YouTube video. The final product was mastered by the company.

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Are you an idiot? Find out the truth. How intelligent are you really with the way that the majority of society classifies intelligence. You probably would be labeled as an idiot. However, that's not the case. Mhm. In school, your intelligence is measured by the grades you get for taking a test, telling you either you're good at memorization or not yet any one person's intelligence cannot be qualified simply by test taking. There are many intelligences that schools do not see as important or vital to your development. Book smarts is not everything. Some schools and cultures value something more than your ability to take tests and memorize information which don't get us wrong is still a great skill to have. We're talking about those odd jobs or skills that aren't really odd at all, but aren't encouraged or cultivated from a young age. You can be smart and a poor test taker. How so? Because schools only test certain types of skills rather than all types of intelligences. Yeah, there are nine different types of intelligence and only a few are considered important to teach in schools. The first intelligence is spatial intelligence, Spatial intelligence is a person's ability to visualize the world in three dimensions. They are people who tend to be sailors, pilots, sculptors, painters, and even architects. The second intelligence is naturalist intelligence. A naturalist has the ability to discriminate among living things, plants and animals as well as a sensitivity or awareness to aspects of nature like clouds and weather. Naturalists are people who are great at hunting, farming botany and cooking. The third intelligence is musical intelligence. A person who has the ability to discern pitch rhythm, timbre and tone. There is also an interesting connection between music and emotions. A person with musical intelligence shares a common thinking or understanding with those of mathematical intelligence. The 4th intelligence is logical mathematical intelligence. They're able to calculate, quantify, hypothesize and carry out complete mathematical equations. These are people who tend to be scientists, detectives, cps and the like. The 5th intelligence is Intra personal intelligence. This is a person who understands themselves what they think and how they feel and utilize that information to live their life. There's an appreciation of the self, but also of the human condition. Many of these individuals are spiritual leaders, philosophers or are found in fields of psychology. The 6th type of intelligence is linguistic intelligence. People with this intelligence have the ability to think in words and use a language to express and appreciate complex meanings. It is the most widely shared human competence and is found in journalists, novelists, poets and public speakers. The 7th type of intelligence is Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence. This is where a person has the ability to manipulate objects and use a variety of physical skills. They have a sense of timing and have a mind, body connection. These people tend to be dancers, athletes, surgeons and people of the craft like woodworking. The 8th type of intelligence is existential intelligence. A person who is sensitive and has the capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence, such as life, death and how we got here. The 9th Type of Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence. It's the ability to understand and interact effectively with other people. They're also able to express themselves verbally and nonverbally and note mood and temperament differences in people. They end up working as social workers, teachers, actors, and even politicians. What kinds of intelligences do you have? Are there any intelligence is that you have that can be cultivated to be stronger? Perhaps you can improve your skills in one or several of these intelligences to do better in your line of work. Maybe you're in the wrong kind of job or industry and need to make changes.