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QUE LOS Angeles Orange County Still no deal. I'm more in Rivers with two o'clock News on ko phi With Election day just five weeks away, members of Congress say they're wary of promoting an unpopular financed bailout bill. The House of Representatives has voted down legislation to provide $700 billion to rescue the crippled financial industry, sending the markets sharply lower. The Dow Jones industrials fell 777 points to close at 56 10,005. Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, today, Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Democrat Barack Obama advocates tax and spend policies that will deepen our recession and that Obama voted against funding for equipment needed by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. McCain said the race comes down to country first or Obama first. Obama's campaign issued a swift rebuttal that accused McCain of an angry diatribe that said it won't make up for his erratic response to the greatest financial crisis of our time. Que if I news time to O to a sig alert on the 405 South, this is K. If I traffic, things have definitely improved a little bit out there. We did get word off. Six Key If I news time to 03 in Indianapolis The father of a 17 year old girl has killed a convicted sex offender who broke into the family's home early this morning. Police say 52 year old David T. Myers climbed through the girl's window and was described as naked, wearing a mask and carrying a rope and knife when the girl's father confronted him in her bedroom. Myers died during the struggle of an apparent heart attack. Memorials for Paul Newman are being planned throughout Southern California today. The Screen Actors Guild has announced a special memorial during the SAG Awards honoring Mr Newman. In a statement released today, Screen Actors Guild president Alan Rosenberg said Paul Newman was a vibrant and dynamic person and actor of extraordinary talent and a philanthropist of intense commitment. His passing is a tremendous loss to the entertainment industry, his fans around the world and to the art of acting south on weather and more. Dr Laura Next Ko Phi News Time to go five Attention LOS Angeles The all new keys Hyundai is finally here. Get efficient. Get to Jiffy Lube. Hot temperatures continue today. Maybe some thundershowers in the Valley, cooling down a bit tonight and a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. Highs in the mid seventies at the Beaches low eighties in Metro L. A and Orange County and mid nineties in the Valley. Right now it's 87 in Pasadena, 77. Santa Monica 88 Fullerton in 92. In Burbank, K. F. I. S a talk station that does live local news on the hour on the half and when it breaks and online any time a k f i am 6 40 dot com at 206 I'm Maureen Rivers Ko Phi News.