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one concert event so big, so sold out. The only way in is to weigh 100 summer bash with the Jonas Brothers Ellie Golding five seconds of summer. And that's just the first hour Elvis Duran announces the next big superstar. Monday morning at eight. C 100. There's Weenie roast with your parents. Then there's the K Rock Weenie Rose Party and by the Beach in the O. C. With 3 11 The Lumineers X Ambassadors more 6.7 98.1. The breeze brings you San Francisco's top 100 love songs of all time Labor Day weekend. We're bringing the love Hey, we're Jack FM and leave play songs back to back that all other radio stations would never think of. Plan back to back. Simple for us, hard for the followers, we really do play anything commercial free. This'll is the beat of New York 1035 K C. U 98.5 Sports with your tickets to see the Bruins win Lord Stanley's Cup and bring it home to Boston. Que the Duck boats. It's our turn Go Bruins, the rhythm of the nineties and two thousands Sirius XM's Utopia. If your first friend on MySpace was Tom, you're in the right place