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Radio Spots for 7-11, Subway, Harry Ritchie's, M&T Bank.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (Canadian-General) North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Kim. There's something I want to say. You're down on one knee. I know we've only been together a while, but will you share the rest of my bed it out the rest of my hot from the oven? Unreal. Delicious. 7 11 Chicken wings Subway restaurants wants you to get on the bus. Win the road trip of a lifetime to see the Senators take on Anaheim L. A in San Jose plus $500 cash growing up. Were always calling on Mom whether it was a mom alert for bruised elbow. Uh, mom plea for a girl cheese or a come on Mom. Teenage shrug. Mom always took it in stride. Delete, friend delete friend. Really friends. What are you doing here? I'm unfriending people. Less friends means fewer messages, so I won't exceed my monthly data usage. That's ridiculous. The lead friend, But But I'm your wife that direct providing the best satellite TV experience starts with the most advanced technology. Hey, Jim. Hey, how are you? Good. How are you doing that thing again? Where you only answer in Bill's chance? Yeah, when it comes to the NFL, you could get in the game but lifting weights, doing wind sprints and trying to get past the and a pound linebackers. His job is to tackle you. Or you could get a Samsung Smart TV from awesomely awesome in their awesomeness. We all know when something's artificial, and that's not. Where are you so scared? I think this is it. There's something I never had the guts to sing in school, but this could be my last chance just.