Audiobook - Stubborn - Sassy - Vampire - Tough - Multiple Characters



Audiobook narration for Hunted by V.M. Nelson

Audiobook - Stubborn - Sassy - Vampire - Tough - Multiple Characters

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Sickness stirred in my gut and the hairs on the back of my neck sought refuge are these two seats open? My friend is running late, which is so typical. It's hard to find a good traveling partner these days. So annoying. Her emerald eyes sparkled like gems. Sure, prickles coated my skin as she eyed me, she sat down across from Emily. I like the window seat. I hope you don't mind. She directed that to my sister. No, no, it's fine. Emily gave her a small smile and focused back on me. She saw what I had. Our seats were in a section too close to other travelers for either of us to do anything. We were safe for the time being. However, my first thought was to lead the girl somewhere private so I could kill her. She sat still as she looked out the window. Her flawless complexion, hardest stone. Yep. She was one of them. But did she know who we were? The train jerked forward reminding me we were in this for the long haul. The trip was about four hours. That was four hours long with a filthy vampire sitting across from us. That's the problem with big cities. These large transportation centers provided enough shelter so vampires could hide out there during the day. So, are you guys headed to the city? Business or pleasure? She studied my eyes as if waiting for me to stumble or hesitate. A little of both. I showed no fear as I locked my eyes on hers. You business. Mostly. I hope my friend made. It would be such a shame if he had to catch a later train. Plus our boss would be really unhappy with him if we screwed up our task. Great. I hope he missed the train because if it was a friend of hers, I didn't want to meet him. Turning to Emily. I noticed her apprehension. She was readying herself for the worst part of me. Wished I hadn't given her those stakes, our eyes met and I hope she deciphered my visual message to relax. Still feeling a little rebellious. I pressed my luck. So what kind of business if you don't mind me asking her ringlets fell off her shoulders as she leaned closer, showing me her venomous fangs, pest extermination. She scowled before I could reach across and grab her by the throat. A familiar scent wafted from nearby. The fragrance was intoxicating and brought back the feeling of electricity pulsating through me from head to toe self control. I had to restrain myself no matter what, losing it. Like I had yesterday showed weakness and I wouldn't be that pathetic again. I slowly regained control and waited as he drew closer. Emily must have felt the war brewing inside me because she touched my hand to let me know she was there. If I needed her, stop being such a jerk. Lizzie. He slid in beside her, shoving her heart into the window. What I was having a little fun. She's the one who was trying to bait me. The two bickered for a few minutes. Emily leaned into me and whispered. Should we go? In unison? They stopped and focused their full attention on us. You two aren't going anywhere. The brown eyed boy said, heat filled my cheeks. Who did he think he was? And what made him believe bullying me was the best way to persuade us to stay the electrical stream that flowed between us. Fizzled. I leaned in with narrowed eyes. Let's get something straight. I don't know who either of you are but we know what you are. So, if you want to live, then you won't dictate where my sister and I can and cannot go. He looked at me unimpressed as he leaned forward, the scent of vanilla rolled off him and filled the air around us. The thudding in my chest quickened. Now you get something straight. If you want to live, you stick with us. If you prefer to watch your little sister bleed to death in front of your pretty little eyes, then go your separate way, the air around us turned frosty as he sat back. I still locked onto mine. Oh, and my name is Ethan. Nice to finally meet you.