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E-learning Demo Reel - Michael Boris

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Voice Over • Elearning


In order of sequence, internet tutorial, dramatic historical narration, high energy young professional, and childrens education in a character voice style. Produced by Joe Loesch.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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need to file your benefits claim through the Veterans Administration. I can help first step in the web address bar type www dot v a dot com. Once you've reached the home page, you will see two columns of different items. Click on the fifth item down veterans benefits. Once you've clicked this link, you will then see an ad that reads file your voc benefits claim. Dash, get it right the first time. Go ahead, click the link. During the battle of Long Island. General George Washington had a single night to attempt the evacuation of his entire army of 9000 men right under the nose of the british army. As dawn approached, a dense fog suddenly descended upon the battered Continental Army, thus completely shielding them from the british and ensuring their retreat, Washington and his men would live to fight another day. What's up my fellow drummers, Michael Boris here, I'm a professional drummer based in Nashville Tennessee. Here's a few quick tips for always getting called back for more studio work. First off, always serve the song. Don't overplay. Study the lyrics and chat with the artist and our producer for what their vision is for the song. nine times out of 10 less is always more. Also don't think of the click track as just a computer beeping at you, but groove with it as if you were playing with a killer percussionist with impeccable time. Hey there, Space Cadet! Welcome to Space Station Alfa. Where we're going to learn the letters of the alphabet. Put on your thinking helmet and let's learn the letters in the alphabet are just like your toy blocks. We can use them in all sorts of fun ways to create new words. Did you know there are 26 letters in the Alphabet who? It sounds like a lot, doesn't it? And that's okay, let's learn them together.