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Michael is a huge fan of animation and video games in all of their glorious iterations. Let a practiced ear and a creative soul bring life to your next character.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US South) Russian


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Okay. Here we go. Amazing. Sand begins as normal looking sand until it's dyed and coated with substance that repels water. Listen to me, Is it not the right of every man to be free. Are we not? Men of honor? Did our Lord not give us the strength, As were our fathers before us. Where is Mr Jackson? There you are. If I am correct, you want me to put the lives of our people in danger. Why on earth would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, you made it this far? Have you modeled it this far? Very good child, Grab any of the five silver daggers to start a new Once you find the black dungeon, once you find the black to look for a gold skeleton key, Hello? Mr Shepard, How dare you question my decision on this matter, you are in no position to question my next move. If I want his head on a stick, I will have it. Well done. Million. Now the rules are simple Search and find all 10 gold scrolls, then return to Panco villa with the Lord's chest. So here's the deal. Your goal is to slowly search through the warehouse and find those jerks that took my vintage corvette when you do to them. When you do well, it's up to you. Use this passkey to open doors if locked. You american men always think we are your enemy. See in my homeland, we love american things like apple pie. Hot dogs. You are american girls. Come on, move your butts, hurry up. The guards won't give us another chance This way, man. Great work, wow! Okay. The rules on this level are simple. Search and find all seven gold lanterns, then return to terra ville with the full set. Golly Lord! Have mercy. How many times does this? All four need to clean one bloodhound! Who are you? We're under fire here, man, I want to base. Do you copy? Can anyone hear me? These things just won't die. You are one ugly beast?