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American English - Corporate Seminar

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Intro to a briefing on Corporate Strategy to maintain brand integrity.

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Senior (55+)


North American, US Mid-Atlantic


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when building a brand, there are some key components that make that brand successful and sustainable clarity of product, clarity of relationship with customers, corporate culture that shows through to the rest of the world, consistency and promise. This last is often the hardest to hold onto and actually is informed, supported by all of the other components. The common diversity and that consistency comes from time and expansion of territory. This challenge can be what ruins the brand, destroys efficiency and turns off consumers past, present and future to combat that break in consistency. Keep the main precepts in mind as part of your strategy, then tactically use them to test each opportunity for change or enhancement to operations. For instance, geographic differences in sourcing might change both costs and qualities of the final product. If your product is defined by qualities and a price point and changes, make this a different product. Do you want to add a product to your portfolio and promise? Another example is automation. Automation can change your cost to deliver, but does it change your relationship with the consumer? Can you assure that it does not? And still use the automation for effective delivery. Many of these tactical differences can be overcome and still obtain that consistency of promise, but many companies fail to hold the precepts dear close enough, starts to destroy the brand. Leave close enough for the government