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Self produced eLearning Demo Reel. Recorded and mastered in own studio.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, Irish Southern (Munster, Cork)


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When you sit at your work station, the first thing you need to do is make sure your chair is set up correctly. Before you begin working, you should start by sitting back into your chair as far as possible. Your legs should fit comfortably under your desk, and your feet should be flat on the floor with your hips slightly higher than your knees. I've been going up and down letters since I was an apprentice, and I don't mind telling you that wasn't yesterday. No, the letter was fine, but it wasn't tied off at the top, you know? And yeah, it was just a five minute job. You know, it was time for tea and the leads were calling me. I was putting on the last bracket and it was a bit of a stretch. No, but it would have been coming down and moving the ladder, you know? Yeah, I should have come down. You just fell onto a pallet of blocks. Normal letters for me. Let's now review the results of the single dose study where pharmacogenetics comparisons between Blue, Greedy and interfere on beta one e were made. The first graph shows the results of the single based antiviral C. P E bio essay, which is used to evaluate interfere on beta oney quantification. The second graph shows the pharmacological activity of play greedy and interferon beta one a as evaluated by monitoring serum concentrations of neo patron, a well categorised by a marker induced by interferon beta one a in vivo. This is David. David spends most of his day firefighting Now that would be okay if David was a fireman, but he's not. He works in an office. David feels overwhelmed and overworked. He has problems managing his time. In this module, we will look at time management tools that David can use to improve his life.