Narration Demo 2022 - Conversational, Genuine, British English Male



A selection of narration work from clients around the world.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (England - South East - Oxford, Sussex) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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the competition format was straightforward. Three heats of six athletes, with the two best scores from each heat advancing through to the finals. Each athlete was allowed 90 seconds to complete their run. The score range was 0 to 600. Since 2013, technology, creativity and intelligence has connected the north of the city to the southeast each year. Bresch is metro System carries more than 17 million passengers. The electric trains are automated and run on rails along an entirely protected route. This innovative system is managed safely and automatically from an operations centre, the core of the system through a network of devices installed in each station, in the trains and along the whole line. Prince Harry, as the world knows him mhm a member of the British royal family, and this is the other side of Prince Harry. Since 2000 and four, he's been travelling to lawsuits. One of the poorest nations in the world, the bi annual Farnborough International Airshow defied industry expectations with a massive $124 billion of orders announced during the trade week, including 856 aircraft and 1407 engines. Trinity house is best known for the iconic lighthouses that punctuate the cliffs and shores of England and Wales. But there's far more to this historic corporation than these dramatic beacons. Mhm Trinity House is charged with the overall safety of the nation shipping and seafarers, leading to a diverse range of activities at sea and on land.