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give yourself some credit for all the times you've tried to quit so far, because every time you try to quit, you learn something new. Life has a way of turning where we least expected things we never planned for losing someone we love. Or maybe just losing our own way. Education and training gives them skills for jobs they can be proud of. He puts down your friends, family, your job, that he's asking where you are again. I better text him back. Your hair is a defining part of your identity, but when you lose it, you lose more than just hair. So for women fighting cancer that lose their hair, there's lollies, locks. Thistle is my journey. But it's not easy. That's why we're here. If you feel stressed from the everyday challenges of being a parent, we can help. Your support gives us. The resource is we desperately need toe rescue, more animals in trouble. Some restrictions apply. Brought to you by the Vermont Department of Health