English, Male, Senior voice over artist. Professional, versatile voice

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My commercial demo reel was professionally produced by Such a Voice.

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Senior (55+)


North American (General)


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ever since. Well forever people have hated shaving. But at Harry's we're turning things around with great razors at great prices. The perfect swing requires the perfect form but the perfect shot requires the perfect ball, greater speed, better spin more accuracy. The chroma soft tour ball from Callaway. If you want to know what it feels like to drive a chevy ask the people who drive Chevys JD Power did and you know what they heard people like them a lot. Most disasters never make the news. But no matter where people are in need the red cross will be there providing comfort, care and support. Let's be honest you hate your I. T. Department. But what if you gave them the tools they really need with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Help I. T. Help you? I didn't know what to expect to be honest. Maybe some insight into my great grandparents, what I got with ancestry dot com was a story so rich it changed my whole perspective.