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some car dealers think screaming, etc. Will convince you they've got a better deal at Tri Motors. We don't have to. We prove it every day. The time has come for two major Nissan dealers to join forces. The time to save is now a sports car so responsive it fuels your soul. That's the new Pontiac G six. Southern California home of sunshine served celebrities, sports and speed. Living here is the ultimate, and driving here is a way of life. That's why thousands of Southern Californians who want the ultimate driving experience are driving toward the ultimate BMW dealer, Irvine BMW. Creating joy and driving has always been BMWs. Singular passion. Introducing our newest fashion. The new BMW six series Caravan Stocks Fever place just to await a month. Plus, you can win tickets to see the Shrine Circus to during Koch fever. See the old new Toyota Tundra Double Cab, not just big life size