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English (North American)

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Senior (55+)


US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US South West (Texas)


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Jon Tester's got to go, his reckless campaign to block Trump's pick to head the VA. It's a disgrace to Montana, A rated and endorsed by the NRA. Kell will ensure Austin properly fund school so we can lower property taxes. Most of us follow the rules every day, but some follow their own rules. Liberal Terry Grace lied. We need a true conservative in Lansing, but that's not politician Tim La Fever. He's with liberals on gun rights. Wrong on spending wrong for state Senate. Kris Kobach has had Trump's back. Right from the start, Kobach stood tall for the border wall. Not Roger Marshall. He turned on Trump, Marshall said. I'm not sure a wall is the best way to do it. Kris Kobach for Senate Ah, fighter will always stand with Trump. In his 12 years in office, Norm Wimmer doubled the state's debt. He tripled spending and signed the biggest tax increase in Alabama history, and Lee's lawyer tried to hide the truth. But when the Post Courier exposed it, handling couldn't keep it quiet any longer. Home is where we raise our families and we're a neighbor lends a hand. That's Josh Weingartner. Born and raised here, Josh lives are conservative values. Every day. Senator Rob Wort, unapologetic conservative, battle tested Patriot