Cenophia Mitchell: Videogame Demo



Video Game Demo - (PC, Console, Online, Apps, RPG, HOPA, MOBA, FPS, Sports, Mystery, Fighting, Action, Adventure, Casino, Match 3, Visual Novel) Versatile, Teen Voices, Boy Voices, Kid Voices, Millennial, Urban Voices, Animated, Adventurous Heroes, Soldier, Officer, Tough Girls, Mean Girls, Tomboys, Evil Witch, Maniacal Villains, Sexy, Perky, Bubbly, Cute, Magical, Tech Wiz, Classic New Yorker, Sassy, Raspy, Humorous, Sarcastic, Fun, Cool, Believable, Not your average girl next door.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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not your average girl next door. This is worse than I thought. There's too many of them. Way may have to split up this way. At least some of us have a chance. Will scatter on three one to Oh, no, they don't worry. I'm fine. You can't stop me. No one can. I'll turn this world inside that I will wrap you in a blinding blizzard so fast you won't know what hit you You will be shocked and you will be And you will be line from the blinding blizzard, you idiot! It got a mighty python's stand back here. Megan! Amanda! Captain Cork has been. Who told you that? Don't you know better than to listen to gossip? My relationship with the mayor was strictly professional. I never kiss and tell. Come on, Charlie. We've got to stop the alien invasion before the baby sitter and ties herself. Good thing I kept the neural neutralizer Astro Blaster at my house. I'm not scared. Based on my Greece foot monster studies fear its completely illogical tha. Thanks. That was too close. If you don't stop him, the world will be thrown back into the Stone Age. I hit a safety override in the game, beat the computer and it'll stop the process here. It might be important