Quirky, fun animation demo - English Female Character voices

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Showcasing a little bit of this and a lot of that, this animated demo reel covers a wide range of voices, characters and accents. It's sure to bring a giggle to your gut! This demo was recorded in a studio and was directed and produced by Elley Ray. All characters can be recreated on demand.

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Vocal Characteristics




Australian Eastern European (General) North American (General) North American (US Upper Midwest - Fargo, Minnesota)


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did I hear someone for a miracle to experience without limits where the only constraint is your own imagination? A charmingly sparkly event, my liege. Play on minstrels. Good attributes. I, um Wilderness Tour expert. Your for you. What? You Thiers! World famous Melissa Mallrats Starting her fabulous vacation on the French Riviera. You'll end up a sausage meat see alone on some sad plastic plate. On Tuesday, I take turn up the hedgehog our and green And I kissed my wouldn't And he got down on one knee and started to sing You know Michael Boo play. So this little Harry do was a bearded lady. My big bosoms did just a super stinking job. Welcome to the P U team. Ungrateful little bomb. Think he is really is so satisfying. You told Pat the hat that you're gonna turn them into a stock monkey or something. Oh, you're not leaving? R e o. You remind me of home and happiness. Money. Danielle, How does he do it? Already blowing. Stay tuned for even more