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does your current bank debit card pay you cash back? Well the Paypal business debit card does it not only gives you instant access to your balance with Paypal but also earns unlimited 1% cash back on eligible purchases. That's right. You can earn cash back with a debit card and it's deposited weekly into your Paypal balance. But one of the best things is you've got an easy and secure way to use your balance for purchases everywhere. Mastercard is accepted even if they don't accept Paypal, use your debit cards, tap to pay feature in store to make fast and safe contact less payments, make online and in app purchases or add your card to a digital wallet. When you need cash, you can use your card to make withdrawals at A. T. M's and with purchases at participating retailers. The free Paypal business app lets you manage your card anywhere anytime you can use it to temporarily lock and unlock your card if it's ever lost or stolen instant access cash back, contact less payments, A T. M. U. S. And more. Start using your Paypal Business debit card today or request one at Paypal dot com slash business debit. There's no annual fee and no credit check required