Drew Brown - Joker Story

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Podcasting while I'm sick, I discovered my Mark Hamill's Joker voice. Here it is. Mind you, I was sick and yes I cough a little.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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Joker. I do believe it's time for another delectable Taylor. Won't you join us down on storybook corner? This is gonna be fantastic with hello, boys and girls for another delectable tail. That quite delicious, I promise you go. This is a continuation from last week who were not last week with the last show. It's delicious. Basically, we had Gabby writers. Yeah, and it's great. And we're gonna do Joeckel with pirate music. She's gonna be hired to dio pirate music with the Joker. Why not? This is gonna be good. Are you laughing with? Next day occurred on second thought, How about we become Indians like you? And we use a piece of land for a bigger village that suggested Squanto stopped get a black scowl on his face do in Australia Male. Perhaps he had a black scowl on his face. He looked as if we were holding. You were holding back at word. I'm going on a 1,000,000,000. No Australian general pirates. Then he yelled, They sound the D A. Hey, look, Squanto, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm really sorry. Matt said Come. Squanto said, scooping up his hand towards him. Walk and they walked for what seemed like full miles. Tell me anything yet, Matt, ask Squanto. Continue trips, Eva. It was the next day. They had not walked as much as they had yesterday. It was peaceable. That's what you expect. Birds were chirping, squirrels were chomping. The sky was clear. Which made it halts. Bam matter. His father crashed down. What was that? That asked hunters here Bam was was loud. A gun shooting. No, be the hit tail squinted stand who The sound was a beaver hitting would with his tail. Matt said Squanto. So showed them a mark on the tree with imagination. It looked like a BVA eyes is amazing.