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This is a book-in-progress. It is various stories my girlfriends and I experienced in the unique world of dating in Las Vegas. This excerpt is from the Foreword of the book.

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excerpt from the book dating in las Vegas. So, here's the deal. I along with many of my girlfriends seem to have gone through what I call the las Vegas, single girls metamorphosis, it's highly likely this can translate into any city on the map. It just seems a little more pronounced in las Vegas, it goes like this phase one, you're newly single divorced or have just ended a long term relationship and you head out with excitement and anticipation into the wide world of dating. But sadly, your excitement quickly wanes, becomes clear as you go out on these dates that each one seems to be a little bit worse than the one before this particular phase can go on for months, even years. Eventually you move on to Phase two. Now, Phase two is usually short lived. This is the period of time when you consider therapy because you assume your lack of success in dating must mean there's something wrong with you. Some girls follow through with a few therapy sessions only to discover they are completely normal. Some don't bother pain for the therapy and learn vicariously through their best friends sessions that they aren't crazy, they're just trying to exist and function in the crazy world of dating And this revelation of our normality leads to Phase three. Phase three is the bitter stage. You feel if you go on one more date with one more loser who was addicted to gambling, lying, cocaine, porn alcohol or simply the sight of himself in the mirrors at the gym, you're going to snap in an attempt to not cause physical harm to one of these men or end up in jail. You consequently decide it's time for phase for now. Face for is what I call the perpetual state of resolve. In this phase, you would rather just go out with your friends and hang out with your family. Your weekends, play out something like this, friday's are happy hours with co workers. Saturday's often include yoga or the gym where you inevitably end up on a mat or on a treadmill next to the five ft 10 collagen lipped enemy errands and perhaps a little day drinking and lunch with a girlfriend. Now, saturday nights, otherwise known as date nights are pretty much off limits for the single species unless you are attending some sort of organized party or event. Sundays are brunch or coffee with the sunday paper and a girlfriend. It's usually on these sunday mornings where you remind each other that they men just don't know what they're missing. This is a content phase, but it can also be very dangerous for. It is while in this phase that you tend to let your guard down and occasionally come across someone who appears interesting, single and does not have a criminal record, which by the way, you have fallen into the habit of checking on the Internet. It has been my experience that this is when you allow dates to become relationships, and this is when relationships happen that books are written about some last a couple of months. Some may painfully go on for a year or more, but all are incredible material for a book like this.