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Lead 6 Episode Radio Show

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Here is a clip of Nancy's lead in the 6 episode radio show. It has been released all over the work as well as all internet platforms.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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nancy's l. Know performing the lead role of Dr Grace, Roland and Gracie in our production of Girls Night Out. That's the way it is at our age. Things start disappearing. My eyebrows, my svelte figure and other things that I'm not gonna go into. I don't know, like tonight, before you came over, I was wondering how my life got so ****** up a menopausal. My husband left me for our accountant. My daughter says it's my fault. I'm a workaholic. According to my daughter, I've been forced to take extended leave. Oh and I have Alzheimer's, apparently I'm gonna have to start wearing hi viz gear. No one seems to be seeing me today. Maybe invisibility is your superpower for superpower. It doesn't seem very powerful. Oh, I love this song. Come on dance with me. I um I don't know how, just feel it. Good morning. Beautiful. Family big needle today, Mom, What's going on with your eyebrows? Oh, they're my power brows. What do you think it looks like you drew them on with a felt pen? Hey, I'm sorry, I jumped in front of you. It's okay. It's not your fault. I'm invisible.