Reading from, \"The Shack\"

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This demo showcases three different voices... the narrator, Mckenzie,( the grieved father) and the unnamed woman.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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MCA fill his jaw involuntarily clinch as he listened and he felt the anger waas more began to rise. What should have been a reassuring accommodation seemed more like a bitter peel that he now refused to swallow. He tried to relax, to cover his emotions, but by the look at her eyes, he knew it was too late, she mused. Something I said bother you, McKinsey. Her gaze now made him uncomfortable. He felt exposed. McKinsey, she encouraged. Is there something you would like to say? The silence left by her question now hung in the air. Mac struggled to retain his composure. He could hear his mother's advice ringing in his ears. If you don't have anything nice to say, better not to speak at all. Um well, no, not really, McKinsey, she prompted. This is not a time for your mother's common sense. This is a time for honesty, for truth. You don't believe the father loves his Children very well, do you? You don't truly believe that God is good, do you? Is missing his child, Max snapped. Of course, she answered the no, he blurred it, rising to his feet. I don't believe that God loves all of his Children very well,