University Of Edinburgh RAW Demo



RAW and unedited version of a script performed for the University of Edinburghs student services.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Scottish (General)


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University life can feel a bit challenging and overwhelming at times, and we want to create the very best experience for you while you're at the University of Edinburgh. We are here to help. That's why we're making big changes to the support you'll receive during your time here. Starting this year, specially trained staff, academics and fellow students will be working together to provide help and support for your studies, your personal well being and for the practical day to day stuff. If you're a new student, many of you will have a student advisor, your first point of contact for advice and guidance. You'll also have regular contact with the people who teach you, including an academic cohort. Lead for support. With your studies and programme related guidance, most returning students will still have a personal tutor. With the rollout of student advisors coming in 2023 your school ordinary will give you more details about your support this year. Everyone, wherever you are in your studies, will have access to our new wellbeing advisors for support on any issues that affect your health well being or personal life. You'll all be supported by the networks of fellow students who can share with you their experiences of the university and how they have overcome similar challenges you may be facing. It's all being planned to help you get the most for our Edinburgh community. So look out for more information from your school soon and remember that whatever you need, we are here for you.