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This is long, but there are several different personas, but many more are available, forgive the profanity. Cast includes: Cowboy, Chaz-surfer dude, Philly Guido, Bev-the Cougar, old prospector, deep voiced thug, old man, Sumo wrestler, Big pimpin-smooth street thug, radio Dave, smooth lover guy, humorous, funny, adlib, energetic, acting, characters, improvisation, hilarious, fun, hip, cool. 10% off your order if you can make it all the way through:)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US South) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Yeah. OK, so you ever hear that guy name that never fail? He's one of them voice actors. These dead a voice actor. What kind of things? That supposedly they go in talking to one of them microphones. Back in my day, all we had was the megaphones more manly. As far as I'm concerned, you yelling that thing and people know what you're talking about. But your sissy nowadays gonna talking to some gizmo selling stuff. I'll be hooting all right before I ever get more loaves. Oh, yeah, I do. Hey, you know what? You back off already, you know? Because, like, I'm from l. A. You know, it's kind of like, you know, like Stardust Central. You know where they got the walk of fame. You know, you see down in study L a man. Everybody talks into microphones because the ride dude and yourself, but country bumpkin that you just don't even know any better. Yo, like, how are we supposed to entertain the world? You know, we're, like, sell stuff, right? We talk into these microphones. I mean, it's totally ride down here, you know, like Southern California. Like it's bitchin. Dude, you My name's Paulie. You know what? **** L A We're talking about New York City, man down in Philly we got some microphones, but we don't use them little silly ones. We use the big black motherfuckers. You know what I'm saying? You ain't gonna catch no east Coast of talking and no ******* microphone, No little pushy as microphone Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, baby, slow down. We got all day, baby. So you we go now Central Park We talk, We have We carry microphones with us so we can yell at the hoochie baby Say, hey, what's going on, girl? Oh, baby, Yo, yo, yo, yo yo yo yo yo Yo was a baby Well, hello. Do you see My name's Beth? I'm from Beverly Hills. Please forgive my friends. I like those young men. They're all a little bit rambunctious because they're excited about their demo. They said no better in Beverly Hills where I'm from, I take those little young boys and I I teach him how to be men. I drive around in my pearl white Mercedes. Sometimes I go to the studio, speak about something cooking pastries, white tablecloths, linens. Those are my specialties. I also like blue collar men if they know how to handle diamonds. Well, I'm a gold prospector. My name's Billy. Yes, I I come from the Oregon Cozy. The Gold Coast. I pan for gold. Who the **** wants to go and sit front with them computers anyway, I'd rather be panning for gold out in the ditch. Yes. Hey, hey! And then gonna fools You've got running this place anyway. But just cycles in here, man. The ******* my gonna do with all these people in my house. These motherfuckers out of here. Nonsense. I like to do voiceover myself. You see, baby, I know how to treat you right, Beth, cause I used to work in radio baby radio The W K I S s kiss radio for all those fools out there who don't know how to love What's up, baby? So you got your hillbillies and you got your rednecks and you got your damn served boys. How are you going to deal with somebody like me? Token in this microphone. These people all crazy in here? Somebody got to help me out. Get me out of this place, will you? It's smooth and easy. It's all I got to say about that. Keep a cool brother. Keep it cool, boy. Hi. My name? Aoki. I am sumo wrestler. I am from Japan. In Japan we have many microphone, many microphone, very sensitive. Many microphone like grass up all we like many microphone I do voice over Japan style. Hey. Hey. How uh Well, hello. You're all a bunch of strangers in here above it is a crazy people. You see, Uh, I'm from the home. My name's Wilbur. I I like toe. I like to do my voice overs in privacy. Oh, Nell As you come from down the way. And she likes to poker here in there. She turned her here in eight all the way up so she could hear through the door. I don't care for that. Do much, but she is a looker. Anyway, my demos They're all made from sawdust in I do demo zone on wax paper. Remember to wax paper But bushwhackers and young city slickers all around May I just won't be left alone. Just leave me alone. Hey there, chit here. I'm radio Announcer Guy. Have you ever tried to make a demo? Did you have Anthony Reece as your sidekick. I say, ****, yes, we make demos. We do voice overs. It's nice to sell things. Get loud, be creepy. It's fun. We love it. Voiceovers are fun until you get a frog in your throat. Then what you gonna dio? Hi. Oh, my name's Mike kind of microphone. I like to have people talk to me because I like to hear all their stories. Is fun. I like to be in all the stories because I get to hear everything every once in a while, I'll hear them swear, but most of time they're just selling things. My name's Mike. The microphone. Yeah, I like to be dark. New. Don't worry, I won't judge you. What's up? I have got I am the Golf it explorer. Next time you want to do a demo, you better get ahold of me. First. I play around. We need to talk. That's what we do on demos. We talk and talk and talk. Ah, lot because we love it. I've never seen a microphone so beautiful. It's black and it's got a very little thing around it. It's steely. I've never seen a microphone more beautiful. I love you, Microphone. You're so strong. What's up, baby? Yeah, See, my name is big pimpin I like to do my demos like down in my lolo out writing down in the car See? Yeah, because we slick like that man, you got to be smooth and pretty I slick my hair all back You know what they're talking about Way I do My demos is I I pull up to some sweet little girl That's welcome down sunset I say, What's up, baby? I would like to jump in my low little baby I got room for you Come on, sit your little bottom down here because we lied doing demos, you know demos Cool, bro was up, bro. We're talking about microphones, right? See, my microphone is just I hold it up close to my lips. I want I want everybody to hear exactly what I'm saying. So I I talk right close to it. I want I want to kiss that thing there. I want to kiss that microphone and I want to show it love. I wanna have love going through the airwaves because it's good, Baby, It's really good