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Happy Chinese New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog! I wanted to make this video before Feb. 16 so y'all can watch. Yes, this is another news report format. I'm liking it but how about you? I hope you enjoy, if you did, please like, subscribe for more. Please share to spread the message. Be safe and happy!
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Hello and welcome back to Nubes United, where we update you with updates on current events so you can stay updated with updates. Today's headline. Chinese New Year 2018 Many Chinese people celebrate because it is Chinese New Year. It's a holiday celebrated by 20% of the world. Holy smack. It is known that an animal represents each year something you might recognize at a restaurant. Yes, that piece of paper Last year was the year of the ****. Wait, Am I allowed to say that last year was the year of the rooster? And this year 2018 is the year of the dog. As you can see, the animals are on a rotation or cycle. We have a very special guest with us today. You may have seen him. In other news about the recent YouTube update earlier this year, he will be joining us to shed a little more insight on this special holiday. Hello. Nice to have you with us. How are you? Hello, sir. Can you hear us? Um, we seem to have some technical difficulties. Oh, my. Um, please bear with us. Oh my Oh, boy, Is it possible to cut the footage. Ah, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please bear with us. Oh, hi there. We seem to have reconnected. Nice to have you on board. How's it going, man? Thanks for having me once a coffee. Just kidding. It's mine. Great sense of humor. So let's dive right into what Chinese New Year is all about.