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In the spring of 1995, after 17 years of spreading mayhem from the Shadows, the unibomber goes public, he posts a letter to the new york Times claiming credit for bombings that have so far killed two and injured two dozen all in the name of an anarchist group bent on destroying the world wide industrial system. He claims that he'll stop the killing if they'll publish his long anti technology manifesto. But on april 24th, 1995 the UNa bomber kills again. A newcomer to the chinese epicurean scene is the durian fruit from Thailand. If you've never heard of durian before, it's the oddly shaped spiky fruit known to trigger disgust in the faces of many a foreigner or is used to describe the smell have included gym socks, vomit, and onions, but to many Southeast asian locals, it's a prized delicacy used in many dishes. Our journey through time and space begins with a single step at the edge of our atmosphere, only 60 miles up, just an hour's drive from home down their life continues. The traffic is awful. Stocks go on trading, and star trek is still showing. Make sure history, I guess the name and cries when we return home if we return home, will it be the same? Our first stop the moon to see. Perhaps the most dangerous kind of extreme sports will go to the Caribbean to a barrier reef. Outside the state of beliefs. This is the great blue hole where the depth is an astounding 400 ft and it's the ultimate challenge for free divers who dare to dive. It's great depths without any breathing apparatus or pressure control systems.