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to save your document, Click on file in the menu, then click safe in the box that says Save in. Make sure it says my documents. You're saving the file in your own personal space on the computer system. No one else has access to your files. Give your document her name. That will help. You know what it iss for. Now, let's just call it summer. Then click the save button to save it. I'll show you where you saved it in a few minutes. Okay? Now that we've talked about saving your documents, I want to show you how you can share your files with someone else. Project Hope is part of a larger network of computers here in Winston Salem. The network is called Winston Net. You will be able to share files not on Lee. With people here a project hope. But with people and organizations all over Winston Salem to share files, you will need to save your files in another location. Besides your personal space. A space where people can access it. Remember, nobody else can see the files in your home directory.