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Voice over in different situations/moods

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Voice Over • Movie Trailers


this Demo showcase some of the abilities of the artist

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, Central American, Scottish


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I'm just a regular guy who wants the same things everybody else wants. Food, family, shelter, friends and plenty of ice cold chest, just not necessarily in that order. This place is called the Black Forest for a reason. Its name is soothing. Everything here reeks of mould. By late afternoon, the sun no longer shines through Marcy treats ups, and it feels like the night has come again just as soon as it has left. And with the night comes the forest creatures prepared with their insatiable appetite for anything with a heartbeat. It is terrifying. For more than 53 years, UNICEF has been helping governments, communities and families make the world a better place for Children. Its activities are varied as a challenges. It faces encouraging the care and stimulation that offer the best possible start in life. Helping prevent childhood illness and death, making pregnancy and childbirth safe discrimination and cooperating with communities to ensure that girls as well as boys attend school. You're listening to Jimmy Radio, your golden oldie station, playing your favourite tunes from the fifties to the seventies. Listen to all your favourite only choose and transport yourself back to a simpler time with me. Jimmy Way got good music, good hosts and, of course, good listeners. So keep listening all day long and let the good times roll with Jimmy Glenlivet Scotch. In a world that can't wait 24 hours for a package, there's still one place that wait 18 years for a whiskey. One place, one whiskey, Glenlivet whisky. The air was damp and cold. They stood silently. I wonder if he thought of us, Chris said, looking at the stone face. I wonder if he missed us. Of course he did, the professor said. Don't you miss him? They went back outside, and they walked down the hill to the car. By now, the rain had entirely stopped, but the clouds had remained dark and heavy, hanging low over the distant hills.