I have a passion about learning as well as passing down knowledge.

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I was very interested in learning about the benefits of learning skills of motherhood and being prepared for the role even things that are considered taboo nowadays like breastfeeding and its benefits to the mother, child, and overall environment.

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advantages of breastfeeding. Fashions come and go, but breastfeeding is here to stay. Breast milk is the gold standard of baby food that will ensure the optimum growth and development of your baby alongside the miracle of birth is the miracle of breast milk. What is so good about breast feeding breast milk provides the baby with good bacteria both from mother's milk and from the skin surrounding the nipple, which has implications for healthier outcomes later in life. Yeah, yeah, Kalla Stram has, in fact, about 1000 different kinds of good bacteria in today's expensive world. Breast milk is economical and a perfectly balanced food that contains all the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of your baby. Even formula companies try to market their products has been close to breast milk. This indicates that breast smoke certainly is what old babies need. You can't get closer to breast milk than breast milk itself. If you breastfeed, you won't need to spend money on expensive formula milk bottles and sterilising equipment, an important consideration in today's economic climate. Breast fed babies are healthier than bottle fed babies. The antibodies and breast milk protect them from viral infections gastrointestinal infections, respiratory and urinary infections, ear infections as well as bacterial meningitis, pneumonia and even some forms of cancer. Breastfeeding is the best way to reduce infant mortality. Breast milk significantly reduces the risk of S I. D s breast fed babies have less nappy rashes and thrush. Breastfeeding lowers the risk, delays the onset and can reduce the severity of allergies. There is a reduced incidence of malnutrition among breast fed babies. Obesity, an increasing phenomenon in infants and Children worldwide, is reduced by breastfeeding your baby for as long as possible. A study in the British Medical Journal stated that exclusively breast fed babies are likely to avoid obesity for optimum benefits. You should breastfeed your baby for a minimum of six months and then introduced nutritious, complementary food while continuing to breastfeed for up to two years and beyond. These are the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. The sucking action during breastfeeding is good for the development of the baby's mouth and jaw muscles, reducing the need for also don't take treatment Later, as your baby grows, the mother's breast milk will adapt to the needs of the growing baby. It's really smart product, breast milk contributes to the optimum development of your baby's brain. And who doesn't want a smart kid? Yeah, why? Breastfeeding is good for mothers. Very little work is involved in providing breast milk. There is no mixing of formula milk and no sterilising or heating of bottles. New research has shown that mothers who breastfeed sleep better at night, a huge plus for the whole family. Breast milk never runs out. The more you feed your baby, the more milk you produce. It is a complete food that is always on tap in emergency situations. When water electricity are formula are not available, breast milk is clean and safe and provides the required amount of nutrition for your babe. It also protects your baby against infection. It is life saving. But even in non emergency situations, babies under two months who are not breast fed are very vulnerable, and the mortality rate increases significantly. Research into the long term health benefits of breastfeeding show that women who breastfeed for a total of two years or more have a lower risk of coronary heart disease and a lower risk of high blood pressure later in life, breastfeeding lowers the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. If you eat sensibly, you will lose your pregnancy weight while breastfeeding as breast feeding delays the return of menstruation, the incidence of anaemia is reduced, less blood loss can on strength and even reduce the chance of hip fractures in later life. Breast feeding helps the terrorist to return to normal. This is especially important for a mom who has had a multiple birth where the uterus stretches to a accommodate those babies. Yeah, Mother's experience, great satisfaction and being able to care for their baby through breastfeeding. Early breastfeeding enhances bonding between mom and baby, decreasing the incidents of P and G. Researchers found that breast milk contains even more nutrition's after 3 to 4 months, so feed for as long as possible. Adoptive mothers can breastfeed to trained lactation consultants can help in to initiate the process, so contact them as soon as you start thinking about adoption and get organised early. What's in it for the family? Breast fed babies are less likely to become obese adults, which comes with so many other health related problems. Breast fed babies are much healthier, less likely to become ill, so parents will be absorbed so parents will be absent from work less often and have smaller medical bills to pay the incident of Caddyshack and respiratory diseases lower in adults who were breast fed as babies. The risk of contracting Kellyanne disease is also in juice. The stools and vomit of breast fed babies is less smelly than those of formula fed babies. I wouldn't go so far as to say there's more great, but definitely better. What's in it for the environment? Breastfeeding produces no waste materials. There's no plastic packaging or tends to dispose of, and therefore there is less pollution. No water needs to be used. Expert by mom, except by mom when washing their hands or build another plus, preparing your breasts to to prepare for. Prepare for breastfeeding. Simply feeding. Simply wash. Wash your breast with Wash your breast with warm, warm water, water up and a fragrance free, low alkaline soap. Highly perfumed soap dries out the nipples badly as it washes off the natural oils in the nipple area, which is which in turn causes the nipple to become dry and cracked as it is difficult to wash yourself and not get soap on your nipples. use a low alkaline soap instead of a highly perfumed soap. It is also no longer regarded as necessary for breastfeeding moms to expose their breasts and nipples to sunlight or in Fred Lights. You do not need to put cream on your nipples because the baby is born before the baby is born. You can, however, massage lotion or tissue oil, such as bio oil or Johnson's and Johnson's pure Tissue Oil into your breasts, Montgomery to Bickell's, the little glands and your nipples, or keep your nipples lubricated as their secret protective oil. So there's no need to put any creams on your nipples. If your nipples a flat or inverted, you can try using a nipple. Former Once the baby suckled on the on the breast, the nipple were often right itself. If not, ask a lactation consultant to advise you about this before and after your baby is born. Mhm