Animation Compilation (Pirate, Animals, Child, Action, Dramatic, Funny, Quirky, Versatile)

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Antony will lift the text right off the page and bring your script to life!
He is a full time professional voice over with a neutral accent and believable style that is “both conversational and persuasive”. His *many* voices have featured in commercials, promotional audio, games, video and animations across the globe for over 20 years, on TV, radio and online, for clients including BMW, Porsche, NBCUniversal, CBS, LEGO and Aardman Animations.

His voice has been described as conversational , calm , mellow , smooth , soft , friendly , coach , wise , trustworthy , intelligent , sophisticated , classy , real , guy next door , positive , assertive , emotional , teacher , professor , amusing , caring , storyteller , inspirational , attractive , animated , corporate , educational , energetic , articulate , upbeat , engaging , announcer , character , characters , everyman , spokesperson , father , dad , executive , alpha male , educational , explainer , whiteboard , web video , internet , business , corporate , online , regular joe , casual , easygoing , technical , knowledgeable , technology , young , youthful , persuasive , laid back , edgy , sarcastic , humorous , professional , reassuring , straightforward , easygoing , blue collar , manly , soothing , tough , playful , uplifting , attitude , high energy , intellectual , sophisticated , dynamic , comforting , narrator , strong , sincere , mysterious , deep , relatable

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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as our plucky heroes continue their quest, they're at the mercy of pirates. On the infamous brig, a teen, the black crew quit stalling for time. You're quibbling vermin! Who we first tow? Walk the plank. Will it come to me? Perhaps we should go by order of species. Here we have again bringing class into the equation. Go on in, Lord Muck. Who do you suggest goes first? Only then we'll know what you meant. You silence! I have no time for this bosom. Bring me a small one, sir. We're underway, sir. You see that one? Move it! Hey, what gives once and bring him to me, Granddad like, get with the programme for a pasta screech Crows roost! Imus! Prepare to be pre posthumous you when I dance. But you're screwed like a steel blade earlier. Now I know just how to music way. We have to protect him. Think about the plan. Hey, Letty. That's the spirits, Colonel. Boys, it's changing sides back. Well, who wants to live forever? Damn, you're rodent to meet line in your dreams, Stinky. By the way, when are you planning on getting the bat is on this trash shower? Maybe I have a bath every June, Whether I want to. You could fool me on man. You smell like the inside of a walrus. No fans. Oscar. None Taken. Who penalty. Prepare to die, Waris. How much? Do with about £250? You? A little bit more, but you'll pay for your instruments. Hair ball are hardly think so. Take that pan there. It's most definitely met. Now it's You should walk the plank way. Well, there you go, folks. Being a big old bully never pees. There's always a little guy who will not quit.