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Several different characters I can do

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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right, You idiot On solo can totally understand, Rookie. How else would he communicate with black Mr Mill Bags? You don't know what I've been through. First I was kidnapped by thugs and then suspended over a bottomless gorge. Then I was thrown aboard a plane to Nome, Alaska. What seems to be the problem? Thompson Glasser. I'm feeling all soft and mushy, soft and mushy, soft and mushy. You call yourself a table grape? I think so. Sure. I'll do the thinking around here. And I think you got a bad case of Buntrock. Sure, but I put my pants on just like everyone else. With the aid of a robot butler I made myself. Or at least I assume that's how everyone else does it. Ah, foolish thrill ville. People must be beaten. Don't they know the purpose of a good thing part is to make the money worse, making it fun for the little miseries there'll be no going back. Mark my words. It would be like showing TV without ads. You're going to take out one of those ticket wanted ads in the paper at the craziest thing I ever hide. We're going to the hospital to find amnesiac tickets and tell him a concert was yesterday. My idea