Patty Mattson is the successful, versatile working Voice actress behind a number of known characters in the world of animation as well as a long list of top companies on all fronts spanning more than a decade. You can see her resume, hear her Voice Over, Jingle, and Parody Reels, see Videos and Cinematics, read her full Bio, Blog see Social links (including YouTube where she has some fun Parody Videos), as well as listen to her original music and more at her website (Website hidden).
This colorful Chameleon can effectively cover the ground from a super upbeat fast talking youth, urban and non, as well as boy and girl, to a warm, sweet or business like announcer, to a tough female Marine or powerful manipulative leader. Her character voices range from elderly, to child; scary creature, to "real" announcer and back to polished, understated or sarcastic friend and a colorful range in between.
Patty is articulate, clear, educated and still able to sound middle American or authentically childlike. Great Minnesota accent. British, Cockney, Irish, Eastern European, Southern, Asian, and Spanish accents.

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Very Professional

2 people said was a professional inside and outside the studio.

Takes Direction Very Well

1 person said followed directions to deliver the project.

Convoy of Hope

Mar 10, 2021

Norvell Jefferson USA

Nov 20, 2019

GWS GIANTS Football Club

Aug 29, 2019

Thanks for the fast turnaround. Nailed the brief first time.