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playing the sports commentator, Tony Phillips in the student film Pam about the first female NFL coach

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Lincoln. Jackson has 5600 yards and 61 touchdowns over four seasons. You mean to tell me he's an ambitious pick up. The numbers don't lie. I'll keep the numbers willing because aside from his signing bonus, Jackson only cost 23 year. That's a third of the cash. The Alaska Gray pays briar cannon 25 million on the incentives. $240 million contract that my friend is ludicrous certainly. But that doesn't change his situation since pam pinch made history and became the first female general manager in the history of this sport. The Alaska Gray are nothing but a waste of time for Bryer Cannon. Well, you know, because of all of this post pandemic marketing nonsense. I think college football's transition into the professional world of sports has been less than productive. All that's transpired or the unfathomable paychecks and the post full hirings that the promotional public all know and law, pardon my wording, I just find it aggravating that the Alaska Gray hold a superstar in briar Cannon and yet can ever withhold a winning record. Could have fooled me that time. Will tell. In the meantime, 50 state leading network will be back to discuss the potential last minute landing spots for lake in Jackson after the break. Yes. Okay, I was wrong. I'm above impressed. Congratulations to pam pinch for securing the future of the Alaska Gray